we open at 1:00 pm, for the enthusiastic ones amongst you, and we close at 11:00 pm for external guests. (we close early  on Wednesdays , at 8pm).

We are proud to have a full alcohol licence in the ancient medina. We also have an extensive cocktail menu, 2 professional barmen, and a few of the favourites from around the world…pimms, aperol, sipsmith gin, etc.

Just come along & enjoy the best cocktails in Marrakech on our beautiful roof terrace…and no grotty ‘plonk’ for our house wine – Cuvée du Terroir is one of the better wines on most places winelists !

cherry on the top ?

gin menu ? vodka menu ?

of course…

Gins – Bombay , Hendriks, Tanqueray 10, Sipsmith, Gin Mare

• Vodkas  – Absolut , Grey Goose, Belvedere

we also have a wide range of spirits including cognacs (including XO), rum, whiskey, get 27 (not for me, thanks !!), baileys, amaretto, kahula, sambuca, & bourbon

how about a sheesha ?

we have a full sheesha menu for you – from the simple single flavour, through the combinations of flavours, and right up to the sheesha royale which uses  fresh pineapple to pass the smoke through for a more refined taste.

Sit back, relax, and let our sheesha master do all the fiddly bits to set it up & light it for you. Then sit back & relax again & let the sheesha work it’s magic.

i like my cocktail a little bit different from normal...

let our barmen know how you like it & they will make it for you… and they are also happy to show you how we make our own special cocktails. It’s good to share !

anything for a celebration ?

a little glass of cava…or why not a whole bottle !

a bigger celebration… a bottle of Veuve Cliquot

“she said yes !!”….. Louis Roederer Cristal….because she’s worth it !!

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